Nregnier jewelry is contemporary, timeless, ethnic, sophisticated, bold and feminine. Our jewelry’s contrasting elements make each piece exquisite and reveal each woman’s unique essence.

Each piece embodies elements from the Colombian fauna, flora and culture, using the highest quality gold and silver, as well as precious and semi-precious stones, such as Colombian emeralds, diamonds and Swarovsky Crystals.

Our pieces are all handmade by talented skilled Colombian craftsmen. Nregnier jewelry supports rural indigenous communities and it is fully committed to protecting the environment.

Each year, Nregnier jewelry develops a sustainable luxury collection that is made with green (recycled) gold, and combines natural fallen feathers gathered by the Tikuna indigenous community.

A percentage from the sales of the sustainable luxury collection are reinvested in development projects for the indigenous community.


Nathalie Regnier is a Colombian jewelry designer with 15 years of professional experience. From a young age Nathalie fell in love with precious stones and their magical unique meanings, when she experienced fine antique European jewelry from her Belgian and Italian families.

Nathalie has always been fascinated with the creation, transformation and reinvention of fine metals. She studied Gemology and Jewelry design at the Gemological institute of America in New York and Italy.

Growing up in Colombia, Nathalie developed a special connection with South America’s natural beauty, especially with the Amazon rain forest. She was married in the Amazon Tikuna indigenous traditional ritual and has always lived in areas surrounded by nature, which she believes are the perfect spaces to create.

Her designs are inspired by the Colombian fauna. She frequently travels to the Amazons because her family is committed to the protection of the Colombian Jaguars, and her exposure to rural areas has brought her in contact with indigenous communities.

In the process, she has worked with local artisans who have enriched her designs. Her passion and connection to Colombia’s nature and indigenous communities is shown in her jewelry collections, which display ethnic and nature elements reinterpreted in sophisticated and contemporary ways.


Jaguars will always be an intense motif of inspiration for the Nregnier jewelry brand. They are part of our designer’s family life and their commitment to protect and save these animals. This collection resembles the scratches left by jaguar paws in the trees as well as Jaguar inspired claws embracing fine gemstones.

The beautiful raw Colombian emeralds used for some of the pieces of this collection are all unique and exclusive. Every emerald is different in its shape (since they are rough emeralds) so they may have slight variations. The emeralds are not color treated.


The pieces of these collection were casted from real Anaconda bones found during one of our designer’s trips to the Amazon River.


Sustainable luxury. One of a kind pieces made of green recycled gold and natural feathers. The feathers are collected in a sustainable manner from pristine areas in the Colombian Amazon.Indigenous from the Tikuna community gather the feathers that fall from the birds while walking on rainforest trails, many feathers have not never even yet touched the ground. A percentage of the sales are given to charity to help out the Indigenous community.